Plasma cutting service

We perform cutting operations on steel sheets. We supply the sheets for the realization of your products.

In particular we offer:

 High definition plasma cutting for cutting up to 40 mm.

 Oxy-cutting cutting for sheets up to 150 mm.

 Auxiliary workings

We have CNC pantographs that allow us to optimize all processing phases on behalf of third parties.

 Plant / Machinery Park

The production activity is carried out in a plant of about 2000 m², divided into 3 departments:  

 Sheet metal processing: it occupies an area of ​​about 600 m², where molding, CNC bending, CNC punching, HD plasma cutting and tooling are carried out.  

 Tube processing: CNC calendering and band sawing machines for parcel cutting.  

 Carpentry and assembly: occupies the rest of the plant, where there are 8 welding stations.

The handling of heavy materials is entrusted to 5 jib cranes of 1500 kg and 4000 kg respectively.

Our technical department uses to create their own projects and develop projects supplied by our customers CAD / CAM software.

We also have a square adjacent to the plant of about 8000 m² used for material storage and logistics.

 Taglio plasma + Ossitaglio Messer Multitherm

Plasma HD -> It allows to work from 3 to 30 mm in production

Oxygen cutting -> Equipped with 2 torches it allows cutting up to 200 mm.

Board format 12 meters x 3 meters.

 Punzonatrice CNC Euromac

Working field 2500 x 1250 with 5 stations, 2 of which with Multitool, allows working up to 6 mm.

 Presso Piegatrice Amada HFE M2

Fold length 4000. Power 220 Ton.

 Other machinery

  • Warcom Futura Folding Press (Fold Length 4000. Power 180 Ton.)
  • Warcom hydraulic shears (Cutting length 4000 mm for a maximum thickness of 12mm)
  • Euromac notching machine with fixed angle
  • Calandra Tauring
  • Calandra Ercolina
  • Ercolina pipe bender with core
  • Macc 400 band saw machine
  • Macc 610 band saw machine